Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Warning to Keep your Children Away from "Teen Supernatural Romance" Novels

I wanted to give credit where it is due. 

One of the main reasons for this Blog, is that a child in my household was recently reading a "Supernatural Romance Book" which she found in the Library. I was appalled to find things in it like sexual acts, talking of breast rubbing and filled with Wiccan and Witchcraft References. 

I also found that on her website, the author said the following : 

Sadly, many Christians refuse to research any other religion, this includes Jewish beliefs, Muslims, Buddhists, etc., and instead judge anything outside what they believe as not simply wrong, but evil. One of the basic themes in the HoN books is that this kind of narrow minded viewpoint is destructive. 

Clearly, she is against Christianity and is using her books as a trampoline to push her own Witchcraft Philosophies into the minds and hearts of our children. 

In response, I wanted to post her a note that I sent to her, asking her to cease and desist her activities. I also want her to come to know Jesus. My wife and myself started to pray for her. 

I urge all parents (especially Christian families) to better filter what their children are reading. We thought the library would be safe. 

Here is the Letter : 

Ms. Cast,
I wanted to write to you after my daughter found your book and she plowed through them. She originally was drawn to the stories and got to book 5 recently.

Before I stopped her and made her aware of how deceptive and manipulating your books are. It is sad that not only you are hiding you own beliefs and exploiting the young with them...but that you do not have the courage to say what you are.

Our family, which is a family of eight, enjoys a time rich in spending time together, loving the Lord and enjoying the blessings which God has given us. It was very unsettled how your books come across as very “nice” when in fact I found references to “breasts”, making out, and sex in your books. In fact, these books are nothing short of pornography given these references.

Also, I find it very cowardly that you have not come out as a Witch. At least Silver Ravenwolf has the courage. As has, Starhawk. Your books are hammered with symbols on the covers and all over your blog which show that you are Wiccan in the least, if not a Witch in and of itself.

Being a  Disciple of Jesus Christ, I do not judge you as a person, but I do judge your beliefs. They leading people away from God’s Light and into Darkness.
No Christian would call you a Satanist, that would be very inaccurate. What you are, is deceived and confused. There is only one God. Anything else that does not come from his, is from the Devil.

For years, I was a Wiccan and I practice Witchcraft for almost a decade. I can tell you the evil spirits you draw to you (which might seem very nice at this point) will come and lay claim to how you have opened up yourself to them. Jesus Christ has redeemed me from this! And I pray the same for you. Each time you cast a spell, and each person who reads you books, is opening themselves up to evils coming to them. God himself longs to speak and to talk to you. He is not in temples made by humans hands, nor churches. He is in our hearts and its time that you stop doing the Devil’s work. It is time for you to come home, to the God who created you and has mercifully allowed your ascendance to the top of the Bestseller list. God gave you this gift.

Come out and admit what you are, be honest with these children who read your corrupted works. Being Wiccan and being a Witch produces sadness and bondage long term, binding you to these spirits which you know nothing of.

Please, I plead with you, stop doing this to yourself and others. God loves and he wants more for you…and those who naively read your novels.

This message is to you. I posted it under this thread because of how you misrepresented and how you have falsely portrayed Believers of Jesus Christ.

The Lord of the Universe loves you. However, if you keep leading his sheep astray then his wrath will be upon you.

God loves you, however there are consequences when we Sin.

-Expatriate for Jesus Christ 


  1. I would like to be very clear in my response to this article. I have read nothing here that brands Ms. Cast as a Wiccan. She had taken, through research, various religions - Wicca,Native American as well as Christianity and made her own religion from the best of all these practices. If anyone knows anything about P.C. Cast it's her love of research which might be why expatriateforjesus recognizes some of the Wiccan aspect from her former life.

    However, what Ms. Cast believes personally is not written in the books nor is it open for discussions as the Casts hold that information to be very private.

    Ms. Cast talks of inclusion in her books, as well as topics that are presently being discussed among teens. We do not, however, make the choice about what goes into a teen book. Ms. Cast writes the best story that she can never thinking of where that book might be shelved. Her books have won numerous awards over the years and the one we're most proud of is the NPR's Top 100 Teen Novels. Additionally, the Casts are on the ALA Reluctant Readers list which are those books which actually encourage a reluctant reader to pick up a book! These are outstanding services in this portion of literature and we continue to feel a certain amount of pride that we are able to help those students.

    However, the accusations made about forcing Ms. Cast to accept what she is would have to be laughable. If anyone knew P.C. Cast, they would understand that she builds a world in which her books take place that has nothing in the least with how she personally feels, but it simply the result of amazing research, talking to those who can provide better insight, and then modifying each aspect to make it hers alone for her world.

    I hope that you give your young readers a chance to read the remainder of Ms. Casts' books realizing that young adults today are faced with issues of a similar nature on a daily basis. I'm talking about the interpersonal relationships between friends, etc. And also be aware, that these teens are able to work through these problems and questions by talking with you, their parents. We have several mother/daughter pairs that come to our signings and they read the books together.

    Best Wishes,
    Sherry Rowland
    P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

  2. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the input.

    First off, I would like to say that I love for our children to read. They have read Harry Potter. Percy Jackson and a lot of others things. However, in regards to these books in general, it was the sexual content and the witchcraft which ended up having this book getting banned in our house.

    I do not doubt in any way that there are awards won. However, I would not say in any way that these books are appropriate for our family because of the underage sexual content, which is promoted to children. I was quite shocked when I read what I read in the book which our daughter had (which I stated this above). I find appalling in the least is that the book depicts teens doing sexual things (under 18) and it is promoted to teens (under 18). That is what I am calling out. Music and Video Games have such things, however they have warnings on them and they are regulated.

    Here is what I saw. I as well as the statements below. I also realize that in a lot of books which talk about Witchcraft/Wicca there is a strong statement to keep your faith hidden or a secret. I remember in Silver Ravenwolf's book “Teen Witch” children are told to hide it from their parents. This being said, I am not surprised that the “Casts” have decided to do that.

    Below are some notes that I took, which ultimately made us choose to exclude these books from the approved list that our children read :

    1. Goddess symbol statue from her own garden – from Blog post on Tuesday, April 23 2013. The symbol of the goddess with hands over her head, as well as the crescent moons on each side is a well know Wiccan Symbol. This is often called a Paleo Goddess. When I saved this file, it was called “springgoddess”
    2. Wiccan Symbol on Personal Fireplace – from Blog post on Wednesday, December 19, 2012, the picture of her fireplace has very strong Wiccan symbols on it. The figure on each side, which represents a person worshipping the goddess, on top of the moon symbol of the goddess. The spiral on one side spins one direction (drawing energy to you) and the opposite direction on the other (pushing energy away) in also typical of Wiccan beliefs. Also, when I saved the pic from this to my drive, it was called “Yule” which is one of the Wiccan Holidays on what they call the “Wheel of the Year” (Witch list of holidays throughout the year)
    3. Statue of Goddess – from Blog post on Sunday, April 22, 2012. This file was called “Goddess” (when I downloaded it from the blog” and there is a clear goddess representation here which is common among Witches/Wiccans. Also around the waist of the goddess is a necklace of sorts that has a Pentagram with a circle around it. Another well known Wiccan symbol with the point going up depicting life.

    I am not saying she is a bad author or bad writer (I am not read the books, nor do I have any desire to), nor attacking her character. I know that some Believers will call people “Satanic” without really knowing what they are talking about.

    It is my spreading the word to those of us who know Witchcraft to be a negative influence on the world, who know that Satan himself in ultimately behind it, and to educate people it. As the Bible speaks of, Lucifer seeks to steal, kill and ruin our lives.

    I would be more than open to talking about anything you would like it. I would encourage you to keep in mind that all of what the Believer does should be based on God's Word (the Bible). Regardless, of what other people think of these books in question, it must fall under that everything which leads us away from the Lord needs to be pushed out of our lives. Jesus Christ come first for all of us, for all the he did for us. We were very happy to hear of our daughters decision to stop reading the books and focus on her relationship with Jesus Christ, which both myself and my wife are mentoring her in that.

    Thank you for your time,
    Expatriate for Jesus

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